During every full moon & new moon ceremony, I have a ritual of adding a new strand of waist beads. Sometimes I share a picture of the beads & I talk about setting intentions.

After just about every ceremony, I'll get message from sisters wishing they'd ordered beads

Every time that I do, I get messages from my sisters wishing they'd thought to order a new strand of waist beads in honoring and intention setting with the full moon.

For this reason, I created Full Moon Intentional Waist bead subscriptions.  This way you'll never miss adding a few new strands of our traditional, tie-on, luxury waist beads during your Full & New Moon ceremonies.

Subscriptions will include 2 strands of coordinating waist beads and a bonus item. Every month I will design two new strands (or bring back a popular strand) specifically for the month's Full Moon. Subscriptions will be mailed out 5-7 days before the Full Moon, to ensure that they are received in time for your ceremony.

Don't wanna get overwhelmed with a monthly subscription? Well, there's something for you also.

You can still cop the two strands without signing up for the monthly subscriptions. See the details below!

Full Moon Intentional Strand Subscriptions will launch February 24, 2020!!!

Monthly subscriptions include: 2 coordinating strands (no substitutions) a secret bonus item for $25.00 + FREE SHIPPING!

Cancel or put your subscription on hold at any time.

Non-subscriptions include: 2 coordinating strand (no substitutions) for $40.00 includes shipping.

Full Moon Intentional Strand Subscriptions will launch February 24, 2020!!!

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