The hardest thing to do in this world, isn’t giving birth to babies naturally. It hasn’t been finding my life partner and growing old together. By far, the hardest thing to do is: deprogram.

Dismantling, picking apart and unlearning every single thing that you’ve ever been taught, has to be the most difficult challenge for all of mankind; especially since you’ve been programmed to “just go with the flow.”

In this world, it doesn’t feel natural to question every little thing and detail. That’s because we’ve been taught to be listeners our whole lives. I know you remember being told, “If you’re not listening, you’re not learning”. We’re taught to listen to the teachers, to listen to law enforcement, to listen to the government and to the world leaders. And most importantly, we’re taught not to ask any questions and to not tell any lies.

Coming into the truth the first thing that I realized is that deception runs rampant. I mean, every single thing that I’d been taught, no matter how small, has either been completely twisted or it’s a flat-out lie; everything from putting a man on the moon to referencing the Creator as, simply, god.

They have religions teach us that there’s an old testament and a new testament. And everything that’s in the “old testament” doesn’t apply in modern times; all of that has been done away with. That's one of the BIGGEST LIES EVER! They teach us that anything goes, and being as indecent as you want, is your god-given freedom and right!

Everything that YAHUAH has deemed as bad, they’ve contradicted it by saying that those things are now good, and vice versa.

All of the deception and lies are to keep us far away from the truth and YAHUAH, as possible.

Even though I’m completely aware of the programming tactic, it’s still a daily fight to stay in the mode of questioning and investigating all the thing that are presented to me. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have to remind myself that I’m in a battle to be awake in YAHUAH. And that brings me to the overall purpose of this post. Deprogramming is not easy, but it is necessary.

Unlearning the ways of this world, allows you to fully embrace what YAHUAH has prepared for those who choose to walk righteously, and to keep His laws and honor the covenants, which our ancestors entered into.

To all of my brothers and sisters, whether you’re new to this walk or if you’ve been on your journey for some time; push forward, no matter what, no matter who! Interrupt the flow as much as possible.

We’re all in this together and we’re all still learning. Most importantly, you’re not crazy, you’re waking up.



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