The Moon Ceremony Bags will contain 2 different waist beads. One for tying on during your full moon ceremony, and the other for tying on during your new moon ceremony.  The two waist beads will be exclusive strands, and only offered in the Moon Ceremony Bags.

The bags will also include a thoughtful gift. The Moon Ceremony Bags will ship by the 3rd of each month, so that they'll arrive in enough time for the month's full moon.

The Moon Ceremony Bags will be available as a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription price is $40, which includes shipping. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time and without any cancellation fees.

For those not wishing to subscribe, you will also have the opportunity to purchase Moon Ceremony Bags, at a a price of $50, shipping included.

For non-subscribers the window to purchase the Moon Ceremony Bags will open up right after the new moon. There will only be a limited number of non-subscriber orders taken. Once the allotted number of orders have been accepted, the option to purchase Moon Ceremony Bags, will close, until following month's new moon.

With the initial launch, both options will be available.

I'm so excited that there's actually a space for this service. The fact that so many of us are embarking on our own personal spiritual journeys, connecting back to our roots, taking up ancient rituals and traditions, truly excites me. It's such an honor to offer this service to your practice.

Both options are now live and available under the Moon Ceremony Bags drop down button.

Talk soon!