Waist Beads tying instructions


  1. Determine where you’d like your waist beads to sit. 

        If you’re using your beads as a weight monitoring tool, I recommend placing them higher up (above your navel)

DO NOT remove the end beads!! 


2)     Once you’ve determined where you want the beads to sit, slide the beads towards the center of the strand, until the strand is completely full around your waist. 

There will be extra beads - allow those to slide towards the two end beads. 


3)         When you’re sure of the placement of the strand, intertwine the two strands - thus creating a knot. 

Once secured, make two more knots


4)         For good measure, make two more knots, before cutting off the two ends. Have a bowl or cup ready to catch the extra beads. 


5)     Take a lighter and quickly run a flame over the knotted end - to secure the closure. 


TA-DAH! All done! Your waist beads should fit snug